Illenium’s ASCEND Tour

Illenium’s music creates an intimate experience for listeners – something which becomes clear on his sold-out ASCEND tour, beginning Memorial Day weekend.

Nick Miller is one of the most celebrated crossover electronic artists today, known for his energetic takes on dance music that are presented live worldwide alongside powerful visual content. GRAMMY nominated producer/DJ Nick Miller is amongst one of the most accomplished electronic artists with global appeal today, regularly packing stages around the globe with custom visual content.


After making waves with his Grammy-nominated 2021 release Fallen Embers, rising bass superstar ILLENIUM returns with his most groundbreaking full-length yet: his fifth self-titled full-length ILLENIUM. From Denver studios to international stages around the globe, ILLENIUM has perfected an infinitely satisfying sound that excite audiences worldwide with its intensity and depth; producing meticulous performances at Coachella, Lollapalooza, Madison Square Garden sold-out shows and three consecutive nights at Red Rocks among many other notable events.

Live shows by ILLENIUM have always been at the center of his career, so it comes as no surprise that their album would follow suit with dramatic and cinematic sensibility. From opening track “Starfall” all the way through “Revival”, this production powerhouse brings their signature sound to an entirely new level of innovation with collaborations with Avril Lavigne, Said The Sky Travis Barker JVKE & All Time Low as part of this album release.

Starting off with an acoustic ballad called “Drwn,” this album introduces its musical essence that meshes perfectly with his previous music. The track’s mesmerizing melodies and piano chords evoke feelings of nostalgia while its tension sets the perfect stage for what promises to be an emotional rollercoaster ride of an album.

Moving onto funk-inspired club bangers like “Other Side” featuring Said The Sky and “You Were Right”, featuring dubstep phenom Wooli, this album showcases ILLENIUM’s versatility within dance music culture. His ability to adapt his production style across different genres demonstrates this.

ILENIUM amps up their intensity on tracks such as “Shivering” with Spiritbox and “Nothing Ever After” with Motionless In White, adding heavier elements to their signature dubstep sound. These tracks will translate well to live show performances thanks to producers’ signature synths and gothic-style guitar chords combined with angsty vocals. However, some rock collaborations feel overexposed or lack an impactful contribution – Avril Lavinge’s appearance on “Eyes Wide Shut” stands out as being particularly noticeable as an example that brings something special.


While most producers struggle to establish themselves within the EDM world, Illenium Miller has stood out with his unique blend of melodies and emotive originals that have garnered him an impressive fan base at his sold out shows. Within just years he has gone from producer to headliner – performing at Madison Square Garden, Staples Center and Red Rocks near his Colorado hometown of Colorado!

Illenium’s captivating productions come to life as captivating live performances that use cutting-edge lighting and visuals, offering audiences across the country an experience full of highs and lows that keeps them spellbound.

Over time, Illenium has released three additional full-length albums and numerous singles. Additionally, he has worked on remixes for artists such as Jon Bellion and ODESZA as well as co-wrote/produced songs with artists like Tori Kelly, IANN DIOR and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Fallen Embers marks Illenium’s latest musical endeavor and marks an exciting chapter for his fans. This album showcases collaborations from teenage idols to new artists; furthermore it also explores his personal growth as an individual using rock and stadium-show drama as inspirations to craft an album with wide appeal.

“From the Ashes” by Illenium was released on September 16 2022 and showcases his signature style; mixing vocal chops with powerful synths and melodies into an unforgettable soundscape.

Illenium’s music video for “Wishful Thinking” brings viewers into an alternate reality where people search for ways to heal their wounds and find solace through crystals that appear over time and eventually bring everyone back together again. This breathtaking piece showcases all of its strength.


Illenium, better known by his real name Nicholas Daniel Miller, has established himself as one of the most prolific and successful crossover artists in dance music. Over his short yet prolific career – only five years since leaving his native Denver for California – he has amassed billions in collective streams while topping charts, headlining festivals and filling stadiums across America. But it was his 2016 debut LP Ashes which chronicled a journey from addiction to recovery which catapulted him to stardom.

After Ashes, ILLENIUM returned with his unmistakable sound with Awake – his highly acclaimed follow up that debuted in September of 2017 and features 13 heartfelt tracks sure to bring emotion and spark debate among his listeners.

Awake is Illenium’s latest album and serves as an impressive showcase of his growth as a musician. While his previous two releases showcased his production skills, Awake marks an accumulation of experiences throughout life as well as being an ode to its namead bird that rises from its grave.

As an artist, Illenium’s songwriting has seen significant advancement with this record. Where previous albums he would simply provide singers with individual themes or piano progressions written by himself, this time around Miller took full control and composed all of his lyrics himself, covering subjects ranging from loss and addiction to personal struggles with mental health.

Tracks such as ‘Where’d You Go?’ featuring Said the Sky and ‘Beautiful Creatures?’ featuring Annika Wells are more upbeat. The former boasts an infectious beat which will surely stand out on his nationwide tour while the latter’s angsty distortion and perfectly tuned melodies provide an innovative take on an old classic.

Illenium’s live performances are just as captivating as his studio work, dazzling audiences across the nation with keyboard, drum pad and cutting-edge visuals accompanied by cutting edge lighting and visuals – from sold out shows at Red Rocks to packed Madison Square Garden crowds, Illenium is known for creating immersive experiences for his audiences that showcase his passion for creating an emotional connection between musician and fan alike.


Fallen Embers marks the next chapter in Illenium’s musical journey and showcases his ability to bring emotion into each track, teaming up with artists such as Tori Kelly, Iann Dior and HALIENE as well as Angels and Airwaves (led by Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge of Angels and Airwaves) for this project. Combining EDM, pop and rock genres this album truly provides something for everyone while standing as testament to Illenium’s creativity!

“Brave Soul”, featuring Emma Grace, is Illenium’s most heart-rending track to date. The song tells the heartbreaking tale of a family who have lost their son to addiction; written as an emotional tribute for everyone affected by it, this emotional tune has already amassed over 1 Million streams and remains Illenium’s most reverent track ever.

Illenium’s signature bass and melody can be heard throughout his album in an entirely new light. His production style can be heard in songs such as “Nightlight” featuring Annika Wells, or Tom DeLonge on “Paper Thin.” Additionally, there are acoustic tracks “Fragments” with Natalie Taylor and “First Time” with Sasha Sloane that take this record in different directions.

Illenium’s music transcends mere dance hits or mosh pits; it embodies his soul as well as personal struggles with addiction. This can be seen through lyrics in many tracks as well as his live shows where Illenials are drawn in by melodic drops that resonate within their souls.

Illenium has not only released several hit singles, but has also performed at numerous sold out shows and festivals around the globe. His social media following has grown tremendously and he was recently honored with a GRAMMY nomination for his fourth studio album.

As a producer, ILLENIUM is revolutionizing electronic music with his multi-million streamed and sold out stadium shows worldwide. Now embarking on his next musical chapter with Fallen Embers’ release and live show performance that promises to be unforgettable, this producer continues his revolutionizing work!