Illenium – The Producer’s Biggest Show Yet


Nick Miller, better known professionally as Illenium and a DJ, producer, and musician from America, is Nick Miller. He has released four studio records, including Fallen Embers. This album was nominated by the Grammys. The group will also perform as a 12Tone artist for the very first time. Continue reading to learn more about the upcoming tour of this American producer. This is his biggest tour to date. His latest tour dates are worth checking out if you like electronic music.

Ascend, Illenium’s third album full-length, is their third.

Ascend, although technically their third full-length album is their most personal. The band is originally from Denver, Colorado. It started as a duo in 2010 and has since grown to be a creative force. The band’s third studio album, ASCEND, is a beautiful work of art. It is both a triumph and a risk. Ascend moves from 12 songs on Ashes, their previous full-length album, to 17 songs on Ascend.

Ascend, Illenium’s third studio album, features a number of chart-topping singles and has had cumulative streams in excess of 270 million. The album features singles such as the emotional “Take You Down”, “Crashing”, with Bahari, and “Sad Songs”, featuring Foy Vance (and Jon Bellion).

Since 2000, the Denver-based duo has built a loyal following. Their music is an integral part of Denver’s music scene. Word-of-mouth has spread like wildfire. Their live shows continue to grow, with their production values growing along with the audience size. With Ascend, Illenium has taken the next step in the evolution of his style.

Illenium’s Ascend Album features an all star lineup of artists. The Denver-based duo have become huge electronic artists with two billion streams across his discography and fifteen million monthly listeners on Spotify. Ascend has made a name for themselves in dance music and is a must have for those who love the style. The duo is a Denver-based producer who has been signed to Astralwerks.

In terms of composition, Ascend is a fascinating album. They recur on their previous albums with the same themes. Their titles follow the mythical bird’s journey through reincarnation. They are both beautiful and upbeat and deal with grief and loss. They’re also very catchy, with no weak tracks.

Illenium Miller’s third album, “Ascend”, is his third full-length. This album includes collaborations with Bellion Alexander and Kameron Alex. The album includes the tracks “Takeaway”, and “Take You Down”. In addition to Bellion and Miller, ASCEND has collaborations with Jon Bellion, Bahari, and The Chainsmokers. Foy Vane and Illenium collaborated on Fearful, which features a powerful acoustic guitar.

Ascend reached #1 in the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart

Illenium’s third full-length album ASCEND debuted at #1 position on the Billboard Top Dance/Electric Albums charts and reached the Top 10 on iTunes’ Overall Top Albums charts. The group hosted a YouTube album premiere to celebrate the release. The album was immediately acclaimed. ILLENIUM collaborated alongside The Chainsmokers for the song “Takeaway”, featuring Lennon Stella. The song was a big hit, with almost 19,000,000 views on its music video and more than 30,000,000 streams on Spotify.

Illenium continues to expand on his signature melodic-bass style, bringing a pop sensibility to EDM. Drake has been a collaborator of his and he is currently ranked number 10 on the electronic charts. In the next months, Ascend will likely be even more popular than the new album. Illenium is on Ascend tour this autumn.

Illenium worked tirelessly for years. However, Ascend is his third album and has reached the top of the Dance/Electronic Albums Chart. It beat out DJ Snake and Marshmello. And it has only been out for two weeks! What now for the producer? This is a big step forward for the Chicago-based producer.

Mac Miller was raised in San Francisco, but was born in Chicago. His signature style of dubstep was formed while he was watching Bassnectar perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, San Francisco. He has been a Skrillex endorsed artist and has released an album called “Awake” that was highly acclaimed. Since then, he has been dating Lara McWhorter.

The album has received widespread attention and is currently at the top of the Billboard Top Dance/Electrical Albums chart. Illenium’s new tour has been announced in support of the album and has already sold out. Tickets can be purchased through the official website of Illenium. The band also revealed the release of “Ascend”, a brand new single.

Ascend will be Illenium’s most ambitious live show to date

Illenium had announced earlier this year a new album, and a tour called Ascend. The album reached the No. It reached No.1 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums Chart. Jon Bellion received RIAA Gold for his contribution. The band will feature a live band, with Said The Sky on keys, Dabin on strings and Day on percussion. Conscious Electronic’s original visual plotlines will be featured on the tour, as well as the Red Rocks and Dallas stops.

Illenium Live has invited Said The Sky to perform on the stage for this tour. The band has been friends for a while with Said The Sky and is familiar with each other. They know each other’s moves. The duo has been working together for several years, so it will be interesting to see how they integrate.

The band signed a new contract with 12Tone Music Group in 2016 after a sell-out North American tour. Their new music will be available in 2020. The band recently completed a 42-date North American tour, where they played with Dabin and Said the Sky as a five-piece live band. Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Red Rocks Amphitheatre have been sold out by the Ascend Tour.

In addition to Ascend, the band has also been working with various guest producers. Ben Bellion (Jimmy Bieber), and Jonny Cohen are some of them. Ascend marks a collaboration between Jon Bellion and Jonny Coffer on “Good Things Fall Apart,” which details the band’s journey through drug addiction, triumphant recovery, and the song that inspired it. A song that was inspired by his heroin addiction experience has been released by the band.

Ascend is set to be the most ambitious Illenium tour to date, and the band is known for drawing out album tours to promote their new releases. They have also announced additional Northern California hometown throwdown dates. Although the band is well-known for their ability bring the crowd, they are now aiming to play the electric guitar. And with dozens of tour dates planned through the year, the band will surely make a splash.

Ascend will mark the start of Illenium’s first tour as a member of 12Tone, Illeniums new music label

Illenium, a producer of three full length albums, has emerged from the shadows to become a leader in melodic dubstep. The trio’s debut album, Ashes, and 2017 No.1 album, Awake, have sold out both Staples Center and Madison Square Garden, and the RIAA-Gold-certified Feel Good topped the charts. Illenium’s second album, Ascend, was released in 2017. It featured Feel Good (RIAA-certified) and the remix of Without Me (RIAA-certified remix by Flume, featuring Tove Lo). Nightlight, the album title track, features Annika’s vocals. This is the band’s debut single on the new label.

In early August, Illenium revealed their signing to new music label 12Tone, and in celebration of the news, the band released a new single entitled “Nightlight.” The track is the lead single for Illenium’s forthcoming fourth album, and will also be the band’s debut single. The band’s recent North American tour sold out many landmark venues and reflected their unorthodox style and independent spirit.

Illenium will embark on its first tour as a new music label member. The band will visit some historic venues. The band has already announced an engagement to Lara McWhorter, who designed the album cover art for ‘Fallen Embers.’ The band is currently getting ready for the tour with their new label. Illenium will tour the US for the first time, bringing their music to new listeners across the country.

The band’s newest album, Ascend, features a number of high-profile guest producers, including Rock Mafia and Jonny Coffer of Blink-182. The album shows the songwriters songwriting abilities, as shown by “Take You Down,” an original track that is inspired by their own experience with addiction. The video portrays the band’s triumphant recovery from drug addiction.

Ascend is the latest album from Illenium. The band quickly made it a fan favourite and has continued to release new music ever since. Ascend has been a huge success for the band, and the tour with the new label will be his first. If you’re looking for a tour date, make sure to book your tickets early.