Zedd Teases Virtual Riot Collab As VR Drops Throwback “True Color” Remix Demo

Virtual Riot has been going down memory lane to Twitter for the last few days, falling demos as old as 10 decades. (We really recommend digging into those ). Among the demos he shared was remix test of “True Colors” from Zedd, delving into the glitchy facet of bass audio blending the German/Russian producer’s amazing pop melodies with a few additional artificial sounds.

It wasn’t too long before someone asked, “Why haven’t Zedd and Virtual Riot worked collectively? ” To that Zedd coyly replied, “Oh but we’ve got ” using a smirking face emoji.

If that isn’t clear enough evidence for you, I’m not sure what could be.

The collaboration might end up about Zedd’s coming third album, which he says was delayed as a result of pandemic at a recent Reddit AMA. Other collaborations he’s abbreviated comprise Curbi (supported ), Martin Garrix, Charlie Puth, and possibly Illenium (although he wasn’t a fan of it at the time, it might be reworked).

Stay tuned for much more info and possibly a preview of the collab this year!

Oh but we have 😏 https://t.co/8323jBNidj

— Zedd (@Zedd) January 11, 2021

Photo through Rukes.com

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