Go Behind the Scenes of ILLENIUM, Dabin and Lights’ “Hearts On Fire” Music Video

The new clip features interviews with Director Caleb Mallery and the audio video’s stars, Alena Sovistikova and Ido Samuels.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why exactly what goes to a music video to get a high-profile EDM song, you’re in luck after ILLENIUM, Dabin, and Lights shared with a cursory appearance in the making of the official”Hearts On Fire” video. 

While short, the newest behind-the-scenes video offers an intimate glance into the bones of the trio’s visually stunning music video. It sports Director Caleb Mallery, whose vision for the project was brought to life with the job of visual effects artists Nic Torres and Fractal VFX.  “The cool thing about this video is this is essentially a continuation of the story that Nick from ILLENIUM set up in an awesome way,” Mallery said. “And we’re bringing this massive world to a really, really exciting conclusion.”

Also featured are interviews with the video’s stars, Alena Sovistikova and Ido Samuels, that offer insight to the story’s origins and how they functioned to breathe life to the characters. Mallery also goes into detail regarding the”mystical, surreal location” of the monolith in the audio video, which serves as an overarching motif of the drawbacks of the lovelorn.

You’re able to see the behind-the-scenes clip under and also the official”Hearts On Fire” music video here.


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