Exclusive EDM Maniac Interview: FuntCase

It’s been a long time coming for FuntCase along with Also the DPMO Household.

FuntCase released, DPMO: Vol. 1 in 2017 and has since released two mass compilation albums, DPMO: Vol. Two and DPMO: Vol. 3.  Each these compilation albums have been filled with some of dubstep’s most notable rising stars including Versa, Jkyl & Hyde, Yakz, along with a lot more. FuntCase has continued to grow the DPMO brand by providing young artists a platform to exhibit their talents and also has started a successful clothing line for its brand, but the brand will no longer be just a brand. FuntCase announced last month on his own social media accounts that the brand has now created its own record label, called DPMO Records.

Alongside the announcement of the new recording label, FuntCase lately released an EP with a few of those DPMO musicians titled, ‘Corruption. ’ FuntCase seems on every track and includes joint collaborations with Versa, Yakz, Jkyl & Hyde, along with Stoned LeveL. The four-track EP is filled with heavy hitters from some of bass ’s most notable rising stars. The announcement of the new record label was backed by FuntCase teaming up with Bassrush to host a DPMO tag launch celebration on Insomniac’s Twitch.TV channel which happened last month.

Additionally, FuntCase and DPMO recently announced their upcoming release which is going to be a brand-new Versa EP that will be available starting January 21. The current release will only be the next job to be released on the new tag. FuntCase along with also the DPMO family needed a enormous amount of success in 2020 and they are already looking to hit the floor running in 2021. We’re extremely eager to observe that the progression of the newly established record label over the course of the season and are also looking forward to all DPMO’s upcoming announcements.

We could catch up with FuntCase to talk to him about his current releases, his career, and advice he has up and coming artists that are trying to break in the business. 

EDM MANIAC: Where does the title FuntCase originate from? Can you come up with it where did the title, ‘FuntCase’ stem from?

FuntCase: Basically, I was a DNB manufacturer previous to writing dubstep in 2009 and it was sort of a taboo thing to do when you’re a DNB manufacturer at the moment, so I wanted to hide that I was from the DNB scene also created a few jokey titles. Unfortunately, FuntCase ended up staying and I’m stuck with it indefinitely!

EDM MANIAC: How about the mask? Have you always worn a mask? Whose idea was that?

FuntCase: Again a second accident, a friend of mine saw it in my purse just before I was going to step up in my first dubstep place and dared me to wear it and after a great deal of convincing, I did. Again, stuck with it!

EDM MANIAC: Does it get unbearably hot and sweaty in there?

FuntCase: It will confuse me when people ask that since you’re able to tell I don’t have some room for virtually any sort of cooling in there like deadmau5 haha.

EDM MANIAC: How many different versions of the mask have there been? Could we expect one to change the layout anytime soon?

FuntCase: Just two , we’re in the 2nd variation but that took 10 years for that to change. I am hoping to alter it somewhat more frequently than that to keep it fresh.

EDM MANIAC: Your electricity on stage is obviously insane. What sparks that energy? What brings you the most pleasure and energy when doing on stage?

FuntCase: Just my profound desire to perform well and entertain people. I’ve always been an entertainer, even back when I was playing in bands as a teen. Just had this insane energy stage to smash it and ’s wrapped over onto the FuntCase brandnew. EDM MANIAC: How many gun finger motions do you believe you average throughout the class of an hour-long set (haha).

FuntCase: GotId be in the millions surely haha!

EDM MANIAC: What made you want to begin making music? What were a few initial artists that you just looked up to that inspired you to start creating music?

FuntCase: Initially, I simply made music for a fun thing, was not a planned thing. I started messing around on ‘Music’ on the PlayStation which evolved to motive. My mom was a DJ for so long as I could recall so that’s certainly must be a motive EDM MANIAC: Did you ever believe that you would start your own recording label? Or was that always your strategy?

FuntCaseI’ve always wanted to for again, so long as I could remember, but just knowing how long and effort it requires and having to be an artist sort of put me off. We have an remarkable team running DPMO now, it isn’t just me doing what so I’m very blessed.

EDM MANIAC: Obviously, you’ve been a part of Circus Records for some time now but what lead you down the route of starting your own record label? What inspired you to do that?

FuntCase: I have my ear nicely to the floor of the scene and I see so much talent overlooked. 1 afternoon I thought, why don’t I merely have my own tag and discharge these guys myself instead of push them to additional labels to find the benefit!

EDM MANIAC: Can you talk about the transition from being a brand to becoming a record label… What exactly was that journey like for you personally and DPMO? Would you talk about your initial vision of DPMO? Has the current condition of DPMO exceeded your original expectations? If so, how?

FuntCase: DPMO first and foremost was always going to be a clothes tag to begin with but it’s evolved into a multi-brand now with touring, record label, and more. My initial vision was just to have a very cool clothes brand, which has also been a fantasy of mine but while the cult following DPMO grew larger with the compilation releases on Circus Records, we noticed that we could grow it in to my larger vision I’ve always desired and its evolved to what it is today. More importantly though!

EDM MANIAC: Yourself and DPMO just came off a massive week with the Insomniac x Bassrush x DPMO live flow, New EP, announcement of the new DPMO record tag, respectively … How long did you need to wait to release that information to the public and where would you visit DPMO becoming a year from now?

FuntCase: I’d been sat on the advice of various things for some time now and we’d been speaking about DPMO as a list label all year. It’s taken some time to pinpoint what we wanted to achieve and the way to set up DPMO as a tag from the get-go too , it isn’t just me doing it, it’s a completely infrastructured team. A huge thank you for Circus Records that have helped me set up this too though, they’ve been wonderful. Hopefully, if COVID-19 has slipped off and we’re back traveling I’d love to see a few Record Label excursions or single nights at the functions.

EDM MANIAC: What about starting your own record label that gets you the most pleasure? Is it providing up and coming musicians a platform to showcase their musical talents? What can it be?

FuntCase: Just seeing my brand as a complete evolve and viewing the dedicated following we’ve flourished with us, in addition to the new individuals that are finding us every day. I simply want us to perform well!

EDM MANIAC: What would you search for when you’re looking through DPMO admissions … Is it something special?

FuntCase: NOPE! I get asked this a lot, there are no specifics. Just great music is good music. You don’t have to be a significant artist or possess a manager or anything like that, simply (sorry for the pun) come with the song haha.

EDM MANIAC: What DPMO submission (besides any VERSA submission haha) left you totally speechless by what you’d just heard?

FuntCase: There’s been a few really. Impending Doom when I first signed that blew me off. It didn’t actually seem like the release model when I signed it, that the 2nd drop of the first track is what the 1st drop is at the release. Pretty much whatever I signal I love like it’s my own child!

EDM MANIAC: What inspired your audio-visual performance at Rampage? Will there be a different Funtcase-audiovisual performance in the future?

FuntCase: I hope therefore, that’s also been a massive goal of mine I’ve always desired. I’ve got plans for a whole stage show setup and everything so let’s hope we get that in the not too distant future!

EDM MANIAC: What inspired your lovely track with Dani Poppitt? … That’s not like your typical style. Can you explain what that process was like? How nervous can you put it out? Were you nervous about the feedback?

FuntCase: This is actually a merge of two different paths I was creating. The intro was just me messing one day writing a poppy psychological style monitor and the drop was an idea I made stemming from a remix I was completing, the idea sounded sick when doing the remix but didn’t match together with the remix itself. 1 day I simply got the .wav records of the 2 ideas and put them together and was like OH wait, and these match perfectly! I then had management try to monitor the singer of a course I actually adored by Excision and Illenium known as “gold” and we managed to receive her on the monitor and nicely …she totally nailed it!

EDM MANIAC: In what ways have you seen the dancing music community adapt to the recent COVID guidelines and consequences for events? In what ways has the bass/dubstep (specifically) community adapted?

FuntCase: It’s tough to say actually, displays are still not actually happening that frequently bar several big-time companies running them as drive-in shows. The unfortunate truth is a great deal of artists are fighting and considering getting full-time jobs or other ways of musical income. Not really certain how this will influence the scene as maybe some artists may fall off the scene somewhat from having to work full-time tasks and not doing as much because they’d like to in terms of their brand in the music arena but I guess we’ll find out as we slowly return to vacationing.

EDM MANIAC: What are the thoughts on the chance of live events coming come the summer of 2021… Where would you stand (what are the thoughts) on the chance of live events coming summer of 2021?

FuntCase: I’m for it personally. It requires a hell of lots of careful planning utilizing vaccination, testing, etc.. In that sense, I really think if done correctly and we may have a secure way of having things such as festivals. I genuinely hope it occurs at least anyway!

EDM MANIAC: What is your favorite festival to play at and favourite venue to play ? Why?

FuntCase: It’s a toss-up between Lost Lands or EDC Las Vegas. You can’t actually compare the two because theyrsquo;re just two entirely different styles of the occasion but I totally adore Lost Lands for what it’s as a straight-up energetic dubstep manufacturer.

EDM MANIAC: Can you think about your favourite festival moment? Some time or a specific memory that you will remember for the rest of your life? What can it be?

FuntCase: For me, it was likely the DPMO Takeover on the audio peaks in Lost Lands. That identical afternoon I had achieved my own set and achieved a live operation of Without together with the singer Dani Poppitt but the reaction to the DPMO audio camp was actually mind-blowing. It was the final day of the festival and also the end of the whole occasion and in my mind, I was expecting a partial bunch, since people could be dead tired by a complete day of going nuts, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The minute Phiso obtained his first drop visiting and going with an ENTIRE FULL CROWD in the stage while the most important stage was going on was insane. I felt really pleased with my brand!

EDM MANIAC: Who or what currently inspires you to make music? Why?

FuntCase: I’ve always felt a need to succeed in life. Didn’t just have the very best beginning, therefore I’ve needed to simply do very well and make my mom proud. She got me into audio and she drives me to perform well.

EDM MANIAC: How long do you spend looking for new music? How frequently are musicians sending you new tunes? (Kind of describe how exactly you go about finding or looking for new and kind of not heard before music to perform?)

FuntCase: Pretty much all the new songs is discovered in my DPMO submissions email. I’ll spend a few hours maybe 2x a week going through admissions and keeping a watch out for the real talents that are floating around. Tunes are sent in every day with a true plethora of distinct production levels therefore it’s certainly an interesting listen.

EDM MANIAC: If you may have some other musicians ’ audio or audio design, whose is it and why?

FuntCase: I’d likely state Virtual Riot. He’s kind of the mekka in dubstep once it comes to audio design and frankly makes it appear really simple.

EDM MANIAC: If you’d like to explain your audio design in three words, what will those three words be and why?

FuntCase: Crunchy, Angry, Screechy.

EDM MANIAC: Who is the artist that you wish to collaborate with that you harbor ’t ?

FuntCase: I’ve always stated that my number one collab will be Noisia because I’theres such a massive fan of what their production stands for in terms of the way the track is made audio design, sonic blending, etc.. But when I had the option to step with literally anyone it’d honestly be Skrillex. He’s a genius, he’s got an incredible gift of just writing music of any sort and it being completely gold. To go from his angrier dubstep to monitors such as ‘Face My Fears’ is honestly amazing and I KNOW that he ’s got a thousand other perfectly made renditions of genres laying around that I would honestly gasp at how nicely is created.

EDM MANIAC: Who’s been the favourite artist to work with? Who has been your favourite artist to perform a b2b with? Who’d you like to perform a b2b with at the moment?

FuntCase: I think that the obvious answer to that I would wish to perform a B2B with right now is my boy friend Cookie Monsta (RIP) but should we’re speaking anyone else it’s gotta be Zomboy. Concerning electricity on stage, I feel as if that he ’s up there with me because of that overall energy and organic entertainer style.

EDM MANIAC: What is a venue you wish to play at that you harbor ’t gotten a chance to play ? And… What has been your favourite venue to play ? Why?

FuntCase: I’ve really never performed Shambhala and would LOVE to one day. I understand there are real bassheads there so would really like to perform a couple of places there of distinct genres.

EDM MANIAC: There are always young artists that are wanting to break in the business. In your eyes, how can these artists set themselves apart from the rest?

FuntCase: It’s hard to say, what’s been completed? That’s kind of the mindset they have to get into however, what can they do to stand out in the scene? Can it be with ill music that everyone would like to perform or does this go deeper to your branding side and also do they perform something that captures people’s eye and gets them talking. This ’s to them to exercise though!

EDM MANIAC: If you had to give any advice to up-and-coming artists that wanted to break in the industry, what advice you tell them? What could you tell your younger self in the event that you wanted to break in the business back when you were first starting out? Is there anything from your own experiences that you could share?

FuntCase: Probably the identical thing I mentioned above, stand out for all the perfect reasons. Work hard but be patient with it and also you also ’ll see positive benefits with time.

Make sure that you are staying Current on all FuntCase along with DPMO’s announcements by after both FuntCase along with also the DPMO family. You will not want to miss out in their potential upcoming releases since there will be a great deal of these to look forward to this coming year.


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