BTS Covered X Ambassadors For a New Ad and We Need the Full Version ASAP

BTS introduced their cover of X Ambassadors’ “Jungle” at a new Coca-Cola firm on Monday (Jan. 4) at Indonesia.

In the advertisement, the boy band’s version of the tune plays over bottles of the fizzy drink being manufactured at a hip, music-driven Coca-Cola factory before being delivered around the world in the newest ’s trademark red trucks.

“I dropped my head, at the town of lighting / In the backstreets, buildings and the neon lightsWhen I discovered the thunder, I could feel that the rainIt’s the same for me personally, just a different name/ Won’Can you follow me to the jungle/ Ain’t any god on my roads in the heart of the jungle, so ” that the K-pop idols croon, changing the stone trio’s foot-stomping 2015 hit with Jamie N Commons to a skittering, glitchy electronic beat.

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Upon hearing the diversion, X Ambassadors were positively overjoyed, taking to societal media to share their excitement about the cover. “@bts_bighit COVERED OUR SONG JUNGLE!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW that the degree of our standom knows no bounds…thank you legends, even ” the band wrote alongside their retweet of this Indonesian ad.

While BTS simply dropped their newest Korean-language studio album, Be, in November, X Ambassadors spent 2020 collaborating with everyone from K.Flay along with Grandson (“Zen”) into Illenium (“In Your Arms”). The rockers also released their three-song Belong EP back in March, just weeks after being featured on the soundtrack for the Harrison Ford-starring family attribute The Call of the Wild.

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Check out BTS’ cover of “Jungle,” along with X Ambassadors’ ecstatic reaction, below.

@bts_bighit COVERED OUR SONG JUNGLE!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW that the degree of our standom knows no bounds thank you tales

— X AMBASSADORS (@XAmbassadors) January 6, 2021

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