16 of the most-anticipated albums of 2021: Skrillex, SG Lewis, Porter Robinson, and more

16 of the most-anticipated albums of 2021: Skrillex, SG Lewis, Porter Robinson, and moreSkrille New Press Pic Credit 3

After 2020’s unprecedented disruption of launch schedules and touring itineraries, 2021 is shaping up to be one of the most unpredictable years in “most anticipated albums” history. Although the entire year has shifted, artists using 2021 record plans confront 2020 challenges. Collaborations, for the large part, must continue to be carried out virtually. Supporting tours remain in stasis. And, most of all, the idea of a record ’s launch date being totally “supported ” remains more subject to change than previously.

However, as in 2020, producers will continue to adapt to the unconventional album rollout, also, as with previous years, 2021 still holds the promise of fresh preferred projects. Below, in no particular order, Dancing Astronaut presents a handful of the year’s most anticipated albums.

SG Lewis – times

Confirmed: February 19, 2021

Words by Rachel Narozniak

Come February 19, SG Lewis‘ September 2015 Shivers EP and his consequent Dusk, Dark, Dawn triptych, delivered on the span of 2018 and 2019, will demonstrate the sonic checkpoints that paved the road into a career benchmark: the launch of occasions, the UK sweetheart’s debut LP. Long before Lewis officially announced the record on October 27, 2020 using “Feed The Fire,” that he had been adding colour to some grey-scale year using “Chemicals” and “Impact. ” The occasions rollout grew only stronger in recent years to follow, also touting a formal “Feed The Fire” remix from The Brothers Macklovitch at November 2020 and “Time” a month later in December. This recent series of releases oversaw SG Lewis’ existence in digital and cross-genre contexts, contributing to a growing awareness that occasions will probably be one of the most significant long-form outings produced in 2021. As they state, times will tell.

Porter Robinson

Confirmeddate pending

Words by Austria Masim

Over six years following Porter Robinson‘s seminal debut LP Worlds awakened digital audio, Robinson’so followup, Nurture is “100 percent completed. ” Touting his sophomore record as “the absolute most favorite music [that he ’s] ever made,” Robinson has yet to specify an official release date to its sophomore showing. On the other hand, the LP is known to launch 2021, also speculation situates the date at the spring. 

The first single in Nurture‘s lengthy rollout, “Get Your Wish,” released almost one year ago, arrived in tandem with the record announcement. A couple of weeks after, Robinson followed the lead only with “Something Comforting,” but a five-month delay between this and the third Nurture trailer, “Mirror,” slowed momentum. Robinson’s December announcement on social networking stating that the LP is completely done was the first update on the forthcoming album in weeks, also serves as the first definitive news narrowing down a date to get Nurture‘s launch. In the meantime, fans can anticipate a single or 2 to be published prior to the job lands in complete.


Confirmed: March 2021

Words by Ross Goldenberg

It’s been almost two complete calendar turns because AREA 21’s musical vessel touched down on Earth with “HELP,” nevertheless Martin Garrix supported in a small number of virtual ADE conversations that he and Maejor had finished their alias’ debut record, using a March 2021 due date to the books. Expectations for what Martin Garrix and Maejor have schemed up at the brand year are maxed out if thinking of the timetable between AREA21 releases along with Garrix describing the record “not super digital,” although also comparing it to a cross between Gorillaz, Outkast, and Daft Punk. Although this would act as a decisive change from the undertaking ’s preceding stylish hop-heavy and dancing music-oriented catalog, Martin Garrix and Maejor have to fall short of any musical imagination with AREA21 thus far, and the exact same can be mentioned about their side project’s full size debut.

Drake – Certified Lover Boy

Confirmed: January 2021

Words by Rachel Narozniak

Drake‘s Certified Lover Boy was one of 2021’s most talked-about albums in 2020–no one’s surprise. On October 25, 2020, October’s Very Own lived up to the name using a one-minute trailer to the LP. It was funny, to say the least, if you ’d pledged allegiance to the self-proclaimed “6 God” at the earlier stages of his career. By changing from revisualizations of the 2011 Take Care and 2013 Nothing Was The Same album artwork, which showed Drake imagining the exact same poses that he did on the respective covers in the movie, the Certified Lover Boy heart symbol shaved in his own hair, the trailer not merely remembered both before LPs but also implied their significance to the incoming shipping.

A cut into the comparatively newest Dark Lane Demo Tapes, positioned close to ’s end, gave additional shape into the visual’s proposal that these three albums somehow influenced Certified Lover Boy. Although Drake has gone on album together along with his expectation that Certified Lover Boy could fall prey into a lukewarm critical reception, as Views did upon its own May 2016 fall, Toronto’s pride will be preemptively shrugging off some critiques, calling the LP “music to evolve into. ”

Bicep – Isles

Confirmed: January 22, 2021

Words by Mitchell Rose

Over three years after their debut studio LP Glue, the rollout to get Bicep’s sophomore record has been nothing short of sublime.  Founded on January 22, 2021, Isles is shaping up to be even more powerful than its predecessor. The record ’s singles have demonstrated that the duo has a firm grasp on its own personal sound, and it has tapped in to it in a means which makes it even more powerful. From the fullness of “Apricots” into the immortal character of “Atlas,” the diverse and strong sound of Isles appears to position Isles as a 2021 Album of the Year contender.

KSHMR – Untitled

Confirmed: January 15, 2021

Words by Austria Masim

Back in November 2020, KSHMR announced that his upcoming debut LP, his first lengthy project since 2017’s Materia, would launch on January 15, 2021. The news, which was accompanied by a visual trailer and a live countdown, follows the Dharma Worldwide label head’s current rollout of his Dreamz side project through his debut and sophomore singles under the alias, “Casual,” and “Anywhere You Wanna Go. ”

The album name and tracklist for KSHMR’s inaugural long-form have to be disclosed, and the short trailer offered small sound to take into account the sonic direction that the renowned producer will take, leaving the element of surprise active. Fans, however, can most certainly expect something special.

RÜFÜS DU SOL – Untitled


Words by Sami Weisband

Back in November 2020, RÜFÜS DU SOL announced that they were readying their fourth studio album for release, promising fans at a tweet that they were “working on it every day. ” Beyond bestowing their Live from Joshua Tree movie in early March, the trio spent the vast majority of 2020 in the studio–and lovers couldn’t be more excited. After registering an global deal with the largest neighboring rights agents in the planet, Kobalt Music Group, the Australian masterminds have contributed streamers another reason to check ahead of the new year with starry eyes.  Although RÜFÜS DU SOL failed to officially specify 2021 because the year which would bear witness for the fourth LP, we have reasonable grounds to suppose that it will probably land sometime within this upcoming 12-month span.


Confirmeddate pending

Words by Rachel Narozniak

The smoke-tinged and velvet-textured noir aesthetic which has lent inimitability into ZHU‘s style because the launch of 2016’s Generationwhy will spill forth on a studio album slated for 2021, the producer confirmed on January 2. Though anonymous to us in name at this current moment, the followup to ZHU’s sophomore LP, Ringos Desert (2018), won’t precisely indicate the return from a hiatus of any kind. Rather, the impending LP will arrive as a impassioned expansion of ZHU’s stamina-illustrating 2020 action.

After a handful of high-profile remixes and a slew of singles who attracted attention from almost every corner of the digital context over the past calendar year, ZHU isn’t jumped back in the motorist ’s seat–he’s been inside, and his foot remains firmly planted on the petrol. No formal launch date for the job has been given nor additional details revealed, but is assuredly to come and soon, at this.



Words by Ross Goldenberg

The yearlong anniversary of Alesso‘s PROGRESSO VOLUME 1 mixtape is approaching, and it looks like the followup could be so much earlier rather than later. Alesso had succeeded to Dancing Astronaut during the summertime of 2019 that the series’ second volume was happening, but no other concrete info or updates are offered in the time since. If the mixtape’s sophomore edition drops similarly in line with its predecessor, that included three paths, Alesso’s ID trifecta from his Ultra Taiwan functionality, such as “Somebody Like You,” might compose another PROGRESSO tracklist. Alesso had recently alluded to his excitement for the music he’s scheduled for the year, so only time will let in the forthcoming weeks if this hinted towards the other PROGRESSO mixtape or something different.



Words by Ross Goldenberg

Ascend celebrated its own single-family anniversary in August 2019, also Illenium has wasted zero moment piecing together the supported body of work that he alluded to being the first to fall past the AshesAwake, also Ascend record trilogy. Currently preceded by three prospective record singles, “Nightlight,” “Paper Thin” using Tom DeLonge, and “Hearts On Fire” using Dabin and Lights, based solely upon their collective Spotify group, Illenium’s fourth record seems to be typed into his most forward-thinking and exploratory leadership nonetheless. While a formal date, name, tracklist, and some other details continue to be wrapped up at the time of writing, it appears as if Illenium is preparing for its launch in the not-so-distant near future, particularly thinking about the fact that he had joined the 12Tone Music roster merely a few months ahead of the new calendar year.



Words by Austria Masim

Back in August, KSHMR announced his Dreamz alias, debuting a set of productions with vocalists Nevve and KARRA, who showcased on the respective singles “Casual,” & “Anywhere You Wanna Go. ” The new moniker was instantly shown to resign from KSHMR’s customary sound, with the launching releases showcasing a mix of harmonious vocal structures and downtempo house grooves.

This, naturally, is that not the first time that the producer has experimented with various genres. He first rose to fame through his participation in The Cataracs, also continued his own name-making campaign through the duo’s electro-pop crossovers such as “Bass Down Low,” and “Like A G6. ” Dreamz is a developed representation of KSHMR’s manufacturing versatilities, and the alias’ upcoming substance will expectedly demonstrate that his venture into new land will probably soon be nothing short of caliber. Though KSHMR plans to colour 2021 with the launch of his main job ’s debut LP, the thought that Dreamz’s continuation into the new year could also yield a record isn’t outside the world of possibility.



Words by Rachel Narozniak

In a December 2019 tweet, Zedd affirmed that his third studio outing, informally christened “Z3” one of lovers, would land in 2020. One complete calendar turn afterwards, and we know that the followup to 2015’s True Colors was set on “standby. ”

“I decided to push back the record to when matters are more back to normal. I really needed it to come out this year but I put the record on standby because through quarantine I simply didn’t believe the inspiration to make this the best record possible,” Zedd composed at a November 18 Reddit AMA. Although the “Inside Out” producer didn’t disclose a target launch date for what will presumably be a Album of the Year frontrunner regardless of the year that it arrives, Zedd revealed that he’d not “started ” the record, but had “several wonderful tunes near finished already. ” These disclosures alone provide enough reason to assume that 2021 could conclude the last-minute gap in between Zedd’s sophomore long-form submission and the currently virtually mythical Z3.

It’s worth noting that in precisely exactly the same Reddit AMA, Zedd additionally stated that he’d “recently talked” to Porter Robinson “around getting together and working on a few music. ” It’s not far-fetched to believe that Z3 could take a Robinson assist; the Shelter record maker especially holds a writing credit on “Clarity,” and supporters of every producer have clamored for additional cooperation, meaning that Zedd and Robinson streamers just could get whatever they’t desired in 2021.

The Chainsmokers


Words by Rachel Narozniak

On February 24, 2020, The Chainsmokers advised followers they would “be taking a while to make [their] second chapter in songs ” and largely “taking a rest from social websites ” to do that. The “second time you see our faces on here will probably be if TCS4 is ready…time for record style,” Alex Pall and Drew Taggart composed in an Instagram informative article. They more or not retained that claim in 2020, surfacing only a select couple of occasions, most importantly to score Words on Bathroom Walls. With almost one complete year of the social networking respite at the rearview, The Chainsmokers could be expected to provide some updates on the status of “TCS4” this calendar year, should they don’t launch the job in full altogether.

Adventure Club


Words by Rachel Narozniak

A steady flow of singles have retained Adventure Club’so following, nicely, adventuring at the time that’s triumphed the duo’s 2016 debut, Red /Blue. Fortunately for lovers, at 2020, these weren’t just standalone one-offs–they were record singles. Throughout their set at April 2020’s Digital Mirage festival, Adventure Club confirmed that their sophomore record would arrive at summer’s end and on April 6, 2020, previewed the LP’s single, “Rebellious” featuring Yuna. Although the project didn’t pull up to streaming platforms by summertime or 2020’s close, for that matter, its own impending status appears to be only to indicate a possible 2020 fall.



Words by David Klemow

Fans have been waiting on Skrillex‘s second full-length since roughly 15 minutes later Recess landed. Something about the inextricable link between Sonny Moore’s meteoric rise and dancing songs ’s rapid ascension to popularity at the 2010’s, the uncooked, fresh character of his sound at the moment, and increasingly tumultuous release schedules left fans wanting more right from the leap. Skrillex’s rookie showing was a gold mine of contemporary dance seems which helped inform the remainder of the decade into dance music. So to suppose that his sophomore studio album would be a second lightning attack is a neutral expectation. And while above enthusiasts are chomping at the bit since the minute they digested Recess, it’s also fair to notice that the record turns seven this year, also craving a followup isn’t precisely out of line. That said, 2020 was probably assumed to be the year we got new Skrillex projects–he’s affirmed the existence of multiple albums in the functions many times. While COVID-19 may have derailed these plans, 2021 looks like the year we visit at least a longer job from Skrillex…and good things come to people who wait.

Swedish House Mafia


Words by Ross Goldenberg

Most of us know that there ’s less than zero percentage chance of a Swedish House Mafia record –or maybe any audio at all for that matter–at 2021, but we thought it would nonetheless be amusing to speculate what might be, on the off likelihood that the triumvirate proves us wrong. The Swedes possess six rebounds IDs locked away in the vault at this time: the 2 IDs premiered during their Ultra 2018 reformation, “Underneath It All” using Mike Posner and ldquo;It Gets Better” by their Stockholm tour introduction, also “Frankenstein” using A$AP Rocky from Ultra Europe.

Although Swedish House Mafia have virtually been quiet at the time since their reunion tour’s finale at September 2019–minus Axwell’s assistance to Lady Gaga’s Chromatica and the trio’s support of Black Lives Matter in June 2020–it remains to be seen if the COVID-19 outbreak actually prevented them from continuing with their new-age campaign and discharging their first piece of music because the today eight-year-old “Don’t You Worry Child” using John Martin.

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