Watch Halsey Rehearse Choreography for “Be Kind” Music Video with a Fractured Ankle

The show must go on.

Choreography can be challenging even for the dancers, but when you add societal bookmarking and a busted ankle to the mix, the stakes are much higher. 

These are the problems Halsey confronted leading up to the debut of their music video for her collaboration using Marshmello branded”Be Kind.” The vibrant video spotlights the pop star as she dances about in an performance that stations inspiration from Sia and Maddie Ziegler. Halsey shared with the rehearsal road lumps on Twitter, which makes the end result much more impressive. 

Writing the video was”wild to create,” Halsey opened about the experience in a current tweet. “Learning choreo on FaceTime, then I broke my ankle, we used a Bolt camera so it was all programmed beforehand so there wasn’t a human physically operating it, the team that rendered the worlds,” she said. “It was wild!”

Paradoxically, the broken ankle didn’t come from her bevy of live exhibits, however by tripping over her dishwasher . In authentic warrior fashion, she awakened up her ankle and followed closely the ideal the show has to go on. 

“Be Kind” by Marshmello and Halsey premiered on May 1st, 2020. You may download or stream that the duo’s springtime single here.





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