The Zodiac Signs of Today’s Biggest EDM DJs

Have you ever wondered about your favourite DJ’s star sign? Look no further.

Paradoxically, the ineffable Zodiac. The astrological chart. Can there be anything as undeniable and unfalsifiable since the horoscope that is lowly? Certainly not! Read in the star dust scattered throughout the sky during the birth of one, the natal chart is the decider of all things past, present, and potential. In the immortal words of Zeds Dead and Diplo, “blame it on the star signal, that’s that the only truth. ”

Despite the celestial vagaries–er, auguries, here’s a record of astrological signs, their meanings, and a few of the biggest DJs who encounter each one.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 20th)Illenium

Discipline and hard labour marks capricorns. They are grounded and diligent, and also have a propensity towards working nonstop till they reach their objectives. Capricorns don’t take no for an answer and give 100%. Their attributes are ideal for studio hours or nonstop performances on the holiday stage.

Notable Capricorns comprise:December 25th: Armin van BuurenDecember 26th: IlleniumJanuary 5th: deadmau5January 7th: HardwellJanuary 15th: Skrillex, Flux PavilionJanuary 17th: Tiësto, Calvin HarrisAquarius (January 21st – February 19th)Bassnectar

Aquarians are the rebels of the family. They’re daring and innovative. An Aquarius has got the tendency. The scientists of the star suggests, Aquarians lend themselves to experimental music that’s as popular because it is unique.

Notable Aquarians include:January 27th: MinnesotaFebruary 1st: Oliver HeldensFebruary 7th: NujabesFebruary 8th: Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel De Homem ChristoFebruary 16th: BassnectarPisces (February 20th – March 20th)Kaskade

Pisces are tender, compassionate, kind, and intuitive. They have a plethora of creative energy which lends itself towards escape and imagination. Pisceans will be the zodiac’s day dreamers. These traits draw on them towards their favourite environment of all time: the music festival and their family within.

Notable Pisces comprise:February 25th: KaskadeFeburary 26th: ATBFebruary 27th: Don DiabloMarch 2nd: CrankdatMarch 17th: Wolfgang GartnerAries (March 21st – April 19th)Space Mom

Aries are brave, spontaneous, competitive. In their buddy groups, they have the urge and the trend to come out on top. Though their temper can find the best of these, they stay steadfast and faithful to people who are their close buddies. Their traits make them the winner of getting their squad and again, all before the headliner starts spinning.

Notable Aries Include:March 27th: ODESZA’s Clayton KnightMarch 28th: REZZMarch 31st: Seven LionsApril 14th: GetterApril 19th: K?DTaurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus is the indication of the obstinate yet persevering. It is the key to their achievement, although their one-track head has gotten them in trouble previously. Their flavor perfectly with their devotion for the music industry that is nonstop.

Notable Taurians comprise:April 28th: ZHUApril 29th: ExcisionApril 30th: Mat ZoMay 14th: Martin GarrixMay 16th: The Chainsmokers’ Andrew TaggartMay 19th: MarshmelloGemini (May 21st – June 20th):GRiZ

Gemini are gentle and affectionate. They allow their passions dictate goals and their buddies, sometimes to an error. Indecisiveness can be caused by this in their private and professional life, Even though they can associate effortlessly. Friendliness and their willingness make them the ideal ambassador for a ever-growing festival squad.

Notable Geminis include:May 30th – MadeonMay 31st – GRiZJune 4th – ODESZA’s Harrison MillsJune 13th – DJ SnakeCancer (June 21st – July 22nd)Nora en Pure

Ah, Cancer, the crab that’s not crabby. Cancers are sentimental, faithful, dedicated. They’re all about caring for others before themselves, and can be found languishing within their feelings. Their attributes make them the ideal squad mother or festival dad.

Notable Cancers comprise:July 7th: AlessoJuly 13th: Benny BenassiJuly 15th: Porter RobinsonJuly 19th: Eric PrydzJuly 20th: Nora en PureLeo (July 23rd – August 22nd)Zeds Dead

Leos are brave and. They tend to be the head of the team, and also have emotions that are large, attitudes. Though they might not take kindly they are ever-loyal. Leos are intended to function as their group &rsquo totem holders, also to headline main stage at their favorite festivals.

Notable Leos comprise:July 24th: JOYRYDEJuly 25th: Zeds Dead’s HooksJuly 29th: Carl CoxAugust 8th: Chris LakeVirgo (August 23rd – September 22nd):Avicii

Virgos are precise and analytical. Perfection is valued by them in themselves foremost and find it difficult to get along with people that are cluttered or illogical. Virgos consider their nearest friends to be their family, and they cherish their family above all else. Every festival squad should have a Virgo, since they are and precisely who should bring everything. Cherish your Virgo!

Notable Virgos comprise:August 24th: Alan WalkerAugust 27th: Duke DumontSeptember 2nd: ZeddSeptember 8th: AviciiSeptember 11th: KygoSeptember 22nd: EkaliLibra (September 23rd – October 22nd):Alison Wonderland

Libras will be the people pleaser that is perennial. Love and passion motivates them, and can be somewhat ditzy sometimes. Though often prone, it’s tough for Libras not to be adored by their family and friends. Libras are a squad & rsquo obligation, because their squad will spend so long as required to determine where they ran off to but their devotion will be paid back in kind.

Notable Libras comprise:September 27th: Alison WonderlandSeptember 29th: GryffinOctober 5th: Dillon FrancisOctober 19th: GramatikScorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)Flume

Scorpios are honest, enthusiastic and loyal. They’re assertive but not combative. Scorpios are leaders, but can give their head up position in case it needs to be done. Though feelings are significant for Scorpios, they are able to conclude through them. Scorpios will be the leaders of the festie-fam, irrespective of their Leo friends.

Notable Scorpios comprise:November 1st: Jai WolfNovember 5th: FlumeNovember 7th: David GuettaNovember 10th: DiploSagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)San Holo

Sagittarians will be the lifeblood of the own squad. They extroverted, exude and dynamic, and their humor makes them the perfect entertainers. A Sagittarius’ curiosity pushes them and their growth. Though they make friends easily, they lean towards a lone wolf lifestyle, and go to a lot of festivals and occasions solo. Their free-spirited character brings them many friends from many walks of life. They have a team and connections which event they find themselves exploring.

Notable Sagittarius comprise:November 25th: Pretty LightsNovember 26th San HoloNovember 30th: Steve AokiDecember 16th: G JonesDecember 18th: Axwell

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