[INTERVIEW] William Black Shares Deeply Vulnerable Life Story In Debut “Pages” LP

The debut album in William Black is out on Trap Nation’s Lowly.

After dropping three excellent singles ahead of the launch of his full-length LP, William Black has released his profoundly emotive, highly-anticipated debut album, Pages on Trap Nation’s Lowly imprint.

Known for his approach to composing and his willingness to accept the most sensitive of topics, William Black has produced a signature sound based on contrasting, raw, passionate lyrics, melodies that were vibrant, also richly generation. His instantly recognizable audio has amassed him a loyal fanbase of nearly 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify independently, and has earned him the ongoing support (and of course tour positioning ) from fellow melodic bass masterminds such as Illenium, Said The Sky, Adventure Club along with Dabin

Concerning William Black’s Pages LP:

Together with his Pages LP, William Black has made a decision to utilize that expanding sphere of influence to disperse an essential and profoundly moving message.

“Pages is a record about my trip with dependency and mental health in the beginning to now,&rdquo. “I have attempted to be vulnerable and as honest as possible in it to show other people that they are also not alone. ” 

This idea of not feeling is something which Black concentrates on in most of his songs, and which is frequently a key topic of conversation when speaking about depression and mental health. During his Personal experiences with depression, Black understands how is 

“If I’m feeling down about myself, then the very first thing I would do is speak to my friends… I’I assembled a circle of real friends who really care about my own wellbeing; I can always call them and say this is how I really feel … I feel the most dangerous thing is internalizing rather than simply taking about how you feel. It’s quite important not to get trapped in the thought it’so not ok to talk about your emotions.”

While many artists [and people in general] shy away from allowing themselves to be vulnerable, this is where William Black truly excels. Not only does he infuse his own personal struggles and triumphs into each and every piece of music he creates, but he also strives to do so in a way that his fans can relate to, and find comfort in.

“I think one of my main strengths is that I don’t have any issue composing music about things which are taboo. I compose music on things I’m going through or have gone through, I don’t ever second guess the subject or feeling supporting a tune. I attempt to be as honest and authentic as possible.”

Featuring six guest vocalists across the LP,”the vocalists featured over the tracks have all had their very own strong experiences in struggling with mental health,” says Black. The project serves as an important reminder to listeners everywhere that others have walked down a similar road. It is this goal of relatability through vulnerable and authentic storytelling that led to the creation of the Pages LP.

“I wanted to have a body of work that tells a story, from the first song to the last song. My idea was to write an album where each song represents a different page out of the book that is the story of my life – that’s why I called it Pages… I didn’t really plan out what the pages would be, they kind of just came to me. A lot of my songs in the past have been sad breakup songs. . I didn’t want the album to just be that. There’s one song on there that sounds like it’s like a love song, like a sad ‘I miss you’ type vibe, but the whole thing is actually about drugs and my relationship with then when I was using…. I want to post something that outlines what every song that’s about, something that people can reference and understand. ”

William Black’s page-by-page song breakdown:Pages (Intro) –“I only wanted to establish the mood for this album is about in my perspective. It’s joyful even though lots of the articles is sad since I’damn happy for what I’have to share with you and ve been through all. “Ruins –“Since I was young I have had a continuing struggle with depression and not feeling good enough despite all of the good about me. It set the stage for decisions I&rsquo. “I’m Fine -“I often feign I’m doing very well to those around me even though on the inside I believe truly terrible. A delusion is with addiction that states everything is ok even though it&rsquo. “Dying Day -“Before I got sober I reached this stage where I had a genuine love/hate connection with drugs. Dying Day is around the choice to continue returning to a thing I kind of knew that I no longer wanted. “Never Be The Same –“In the late times of the active addiction I had a continuing feeling that I couldn’t go on living this way no more. That can be a prayer for anything so that something might be better, to alter. “I’m Sorry (Interlude) –“Past the pain I caused myself, I had deep shame for how I handled my loved ones and the people I had loved. “Drown The Sky –“In the last minutes of my using I was finally prepared to create a change. Drown The Sky is all after reaching bottom in which I was prepared to have a chance. “Back Together –“After a lifetime of self-loathing and confusion I needed to learn to love myself, regardless of everything I’d been through and done. It’s about the steps I needed to take to achieve that location. “Deep Blue –“I reached a place in which I understood I was worthy of love and happiness. This tune is about the very first time I met this man I was able to become vulnerable and honest to. “Miss It -“Reminiscing on someone you loved and missing themIt did not work out but you are happy it happened. All about my own past personally, this is for me personally. There are times I do miss the fun I used to have, but I don’t overlook harm or the insanity it did. I am thankful for all I’ve s granted me all I have today, that I’m blessed to share with you all. “William Black on “Drown The Sky”:

In his most recent single (as well as his favorite track from the EP) “Drown the Sky,” Black opens up about struggling with addiction. 

“Right before I got sober, I had this moment where I finally realized that I couldn’t go on with all the pain I was causing to myself, and more importantly, those who cared for me,” Black revealed. “In that moment, I finally wanted to change. ”

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It was this life-changing revelation that led to much of what William Black stands for today, and it is for this reason that “Drown The Sky” track was chosen as the stand-out single, not to mention Black’s favorite song from the LP. 

“…I’d need to say “Drown The Sky,” is my favourite, that tune sparked the entire idea for this album.  RØRY [who is also Gareth Emery’s sister] delivered me the vocal for ‘Drown The Sky’ and was like, ‘Hey, I dunno if you are gonna like this, cause it’s about drug addiction and getting sober. ’ I struck up her immediately and was just like… I’ve been sober for six decades and you have no idea just how much I relate to the. I couldn’t have written it better , it was crazy, insane even. I knew exactly what I needed to do with it when I heard itand ended up writing the tune in a couple of days.”

Black’s newest single also got a formal music video, which tells the tale of being hauled to a dream world. 

The album has vocals from family names such as guest vocalists Nevve along with Micah Martin. RUNN, Monika Santucci, and prettyheartbreak make appearances on Pages. 

Stream or Download William Black’s PAGES LP out today via Lowly. 

For fans looking to encounter Pages live, William Black will be playing as support on Illenium’s Fall 2019 Ascend Tour, which includes lots of dates across the United States. For all ticketing and tour information, see here


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