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We are thrilled to introduce GAME6IX this week. The dynamic duo has just put out a remix of The Heatwave’s ‘Closer To Me’ containing Stylo G, also now we could ’t stop hitting play on it. To learn more more about their musical backstory, we got chatting to the group.

Check out what they had to say…

Thanks for linking us! How long have you been creating music for? Can you recall the first tune you both really loved?

Liondub has been producing music for more than ten years. Saigon dabbled in manufacturing in the early 2000’s, but maybe not till we got together because GAME6IX had he really taken it badly. The real jump off line for us getting together was that the Rumble, Suku Ward item Siren. Saigon got a dubplate for its trail and Lion uttered, edited and made it.  After that, we realised we had comparable taste and vision in music. Also, we’re big fans of Post Malone’s ‘Psycho. ’  We have to have listened to that track together over 50 times this summer. Our snare sound was really influenced by Cursor ‘Shrine. ’ Cursor’s audio design and composition are on point!

How do you believe your audio and influences have changed along the way as you began, and so are they continuously evolving?

Our audio is significantly influenced by reggae/dancehall. We don’t think that will ever change.  We’re junglists in mind, and so you will listen to jungle/D&B sounds in our music.   The snare thing began because we got into artists such as LAXX, Cursor, GTA and Yellow Claw. Our influences are continuously evolving, as we decided to strategy GAME6IX with a completely open mind.  If we just did what we know, we likely would have just done more jungle songs. But we believed this undertaking , we wanted to explore new reasons sonically.

What will you say your personality is all about?

We need to make big dancefloor hits.  Songs that shatter your torso , and make your feet go. If our songs have been played on the main stage at EDC, we have achieved our objective.   We’re not attempting to put our noses up and create intelligent shit.

Which songs are you especially feeling at the moment?

At this specific moment, LAXX’s Fake Friends Remixed is getting a lot of playwith. Also that Excision & Illenium item ‘Gold’ crushes. MEMBA & WiDE AWAKE’s ‘Vexed’ is doing some harm at the moment as well.

What did you like most about creating your new remix? Where did the inspiration to come out of?

Rewriting the musical components was a highlight to us.  When we approach a remix, we usually take the vibe out of the first, along with also the acapella, but don’t apply much of any of the first instrumentals. We figured we won’t create it better than the first, so it’s best to come up with something fresh and refreshing.  We were inspired by artists such as GTA, Flosstradamus, Cursor, Diskord, Boombox Cartel, DJ Snake, Major Lazer – numerous dope artists that are creating great dance floor stuff.  Hopefully we hit the mark, and individuals feel it.

Are you happy with the way the track turned out?

We are very happy with the results! However, it doesn’t really matter what we think, does it? It’s all about the way the people respond to it.  We played it this summer at Dreams Festival in Toronto, and the audience went off, so that was unique for all of us. Looking forward to seeing the way the monitor does that it’s out.

What have been the most interesting parts of the year up to now for you?

Definitely having our tracks played Dreams was a major highlight.  When you find a huge festival crowd pop , it makes all the long hours, late nights and early mornings worth it. Also, simply spending time together in New York, speaking cooking, music, going to the driving range to crush a bucket of balls to let some steam off. The full procedure of being together with the purpose of making excellent music and everything that surrounds it’s really a boon for us.

What do you want to achieve next year as an act and why?

There are just two major goals for us. We’d like to play some big shows in 2019, which ’s for certain. Also, to simply continue publishing our music and working with all the best reggae/dancehall artists.  We’ve got several releases lined up to Liondub International’s 10 year anniversary, and watch out for them!

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