This App Generates Your Dream Festival Lineup Flyer Using Your Spotify Playlists

The Anthems app wants to change how you discover music.

We all conjure dream music festival lineups in our heads, but a new app called Anthems is taking it a step further. 

When first launching Anthems, the app requests access to your Spotify account. From there, they are able to access your playlists and listening history. Anthems then takes your most-listened-to artists of all-time and constructs a festival lineup comprising a handful of those you just couldn’t stop rinsing. 

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I learned it would be digging through my crates. But I was pleasantly surprised by all of the selections and would be willing to pay top dollar to check out this lineup, regardless of how strange it would be to see ILLENIUM and Boombox Cartel at a music festival with The 1975 and Cake.

Anthems Playlist-Generated Festival Lineup

Anthems wants to reinvent the wheel when it comes to music discovery. By connecting to your Spotify account, the app is able to broadcast what you’re listening to on your profile. Then, those who follow you are able to like and save those tracks to their own Anthems and Spotify account. 

Anthems is currently in early access and new users can only join through an invite. Join the waitlist here


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