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Ark Theory and Laura Leighe left their introduction to the EDM scene using a fresh new single entitled “Never Gont Leave”, published on Hinky Records January 11th 2019. The course is a perfect mix of both artist’therefore respective styles, combining a stunning vocal performance by Laura Leighe using a moving composition by Ark Theory. A genuine work of art is made up of classic elements, scenic pads and melodies, along with a fall carried by enormous stacked synth chords similar to artists such as Illenium, Said The Sky, along with Seven Lions. “Never Gont Leave” is sure to find its way to the playlists of EDM fans as well as more pop oriented listeners, and now we all don’t find it going anywhere anytime soon.

Tell us a bit about how the both of you were introduced.

Ark Theory: Laura and I were introduced through our mutual direction Timelapse Music Group. We met at a “Control” occasion at the Avalon nightclub in Los Angeles at which we were equally outside
Supporting a fellow musician.

Laura LeigheWe have been introduced with our management last summer at The Avalon, Hollywood. It is possible to ’t tell through the mask, but I can instantly see that he’therefore the nicest, coolest person… crazy talented and hard-working, while also being such a gentleman at a world in which there aren’t lots of anymore, lol.

When the both of you met did that come at a later date or did you know immediately that you were planning to want to do a song?

Ark Theory: Not right away, no. After Laura and I had met with my boss showed me some of those tunes some that she had done prior and that she had written. The Lyrics to Never Gont Leave came up and it resonated with me when I knew we had the opportunity to generate something .

Laura Leighe: After talking our influences and genres, realized we differ in musical taste. Yet overlap in the middle, agreeing to a number of our artists. Thus, if rsquo & we;d be interested in tinkering afterwards in the autumn, when our administration asked, we both said yes!

What did the two of you draw Inspiration from for your tune?

Ark Theory: I’t always been affected by movie scorers like Hanz Zimmer and Christopher Tin, which I believe is evident in this course as well as a few other things I have in the works. I always tend to reach for orchestral instruments such as the frustrations and intro’therefore which adds to the cinematic-ness of the song and brings a fantastic comparison to the digital elements which are more present throughout the fall.

Laura Leighe: After studying a great deal of hard life and business classes in the LA music industry, I composed “Never Gont Leave” as a tune to announce that none of this drama is gonna break me…all I can do is live inside today, put out the music that’s in my heart, rather than quit…it’therefore the only way which really inspired artwork containing the sort of passion necessary to touch hearts and change minds and lifestyles is created. On my trip, I’t heard that successful folks are people of action…they don’t get triggered on the what if’s and past failures…they just make the best possible alternative for their own lives right now, and when it doesn’t operate c’est la vie! …proceed and cross it off the list. With that mindset, we’re continuously growing, and becoming better, therefore we will not be stopped by anything.

This ’s pretty awesome to hear. I know this is your first tag release. How does that feel?

Ark Theory: It isthis is the Label release beneath the “Ark Theory” job. Ark Theory is really a job that I’ve already been working on the down low for a while now so its obviously extremely thrilling to finally get some music out under the new name. I couldn’t have asked for a better artist to use for a debut track beneath the new name.

Laura Leighe: It feels fantastic! Since I moved to LA in 2009, I’ve been thankful for the opportunity to get released 3 EPs, several singles, along with a full length album independently, which have helped me reach this milestone. To now have the help of a group along with a tag who genuinely believe in the tune, while also with the reach necessary to give it wings is really exciting. The sky’therefore the limit!

When can we expect new audio?

Ark Theory: At the moment Laura and I are both working on some individual projects of their own so that we could ’t state exactly yet. But Laura is such a talented artist that I don’t expect this to be too long before people get to work on something new together.

Laura Leighe: I’m constantly writing and recording new tunes for the my solo project and collaborations which are placed to be published this spring. Stay tuned for official fall dates!

We have to ask. Who’s beneath the mask? There’s been some rumors going around that your an already well established artist under a new alias.

Ark Theory: At the moment I’m not really at liberty. I opted to show this hooded figure for Ark Theory in order independent this job from some of my additional artist projects and give it a opportunity to stand on it’s have two feet before it has tied to previous work of mine. I don’t want for Ark Theory to be faceless indefinitely, but for now it will just need to keep some of the puzzle behind it.

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